Academic Experience

Payment Options

You may pay for your fees online directly from your exclusive Mobile App using any of the following options:

  • VISA Credit & Debit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit & Debit Cards
  • Maestro Debit Cards issued by some banks
  • From your netbanking account with most Indian banks
  1. Your payment card, or netbanking account will be charged when you pay for the school fees using our online payment facility on your mobile app / website payment page.
  2. Secure payments with your Credit/Debit cards.
  3. Using your credit/debit card to pay for your fees on the mobile app is safe. We do not capture or store your credit/debit card information on our website.
  4. To enhance security of your payment data, all required card details (i.e. credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV etc.) are captured on the secured payment page, and encrypted in accordance with industry standards, and are securely transmitted to your Card Issuing bank for obtaining an authorization decision. At no time during the purchase process or thereafter, does Mount Litera School have access to your complete card account information. For more details on this please refer our Privacy Policy.
  5. For greater security, credit card payments are secured by Verified by VISA facility, applicable to VISA cards. This is an additional security measure necessitating you to enter a password which only you, the card holder, can have access to. You shall enter this password directly into your card issuing bank secure system.
  6. It is not uncommon for a request for credit / debit card authorization to fail once or twice before the card is finally authorized. This happens due to problems with your card issuing banks servers. You must try again till you get a successful notification.
  7. At times the bank's payment servers or your issuing banks payment servers may be down, in which case a message will be posted informing you of the same. Under such circumstances, you can continue shopping and add items to the bag which would then be saved and you can come back later and complete the payment transaction within 24 hours.
  8. Payment on your card bill will appear in your local currency (as per the norms of your card issuing bank). Your card will be charged as per prevailing rate of exchange and charge policies of your card issuer.
  9. Secure payment through Netbanking You can make a payment through Net Banking directly from your Bank account. It works just like you make payments from your bank account.
  10. On the checkout page, select the Net Banking option and then select your preferred bank from the drop down and click on Place Order button at the bottom.
  11. You will be directed to your Bank's netbanking login page from where you can login using your Net Banking login id and password and complete the payment. After the payment is successfully completed you will be directed back to our site where your fees payment confirmation will be generated.
  12. At no point during the transaction, does Mount Litera School captures or stores your full bank account or Net Banking details. We process the fees receipt based on the confirmation received from your bank.
  13. The Net banking facility is provided through our payment gateway provider, Ingenco India.

Cancellation Policy

  1. No cancellations allowed once the receipt has been issued
  2. We do not refund any fees paid. For any special case, you may contact school for further information